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Asante stools are a well-known piece of art in the Akan culture and are made by the Asante/Ashanti people from Ghana. Every stool is connected to the owner’s soul and is only allowed to be used by the owner. The Ashanti stools are also often made for kings and chiefs. They indicate power and status, and are usually carved from a single block of wood. This stool however consists of two parts. If a stool was not in use the owner would lean it on its side against the wall. This is to keep other passing spirits and souls away.
Provenance: Private collection. F.d.G in NL / Tribal Art Treasures


  • 20th century
  • Origin: Ghana, Africa
  • Excellent condition
  • Ethnic group: Ashanti/Asante
  • Materials: Wood, paint
  • Dimensions: 47 x 29 x 40 cm
  • Amount (in stock): 1
  • Damage: Minor wear and tear

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