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Welcome to Deco Art Africa. 


On this new website we present and sell art and deco art artifacts made in Africa from collectors, merchants, stores and galleries from The Netherlands. Deco Art Africa also serves as a meeting place where collectors and buyers can find each other.


All hand made African art, old and new, are welcome to be placed on our website.


Sellers have the opportunity to place an object on our website to present and sell it via the web to a world wide audience. Placing an object on Deco Art Africa is easy, safe and fast. 


* Unlimited item uploads

* No upload costs

* No advertisement costs
* No monthly expenses

* Excellent customer service


We work with an annual fee of only €9,00 for all the administrative work and your place on the collectors page. Deco Art Africa is entitled to a 7% commission fee on the sales price.


Normally it takes Google and other search engines approximately 6 months to index and show any placed items in the search results. But Deco Art Africa is coded in a way that Google can find and index placed items in one day, with a maximum time of one week.


Buyers can not only shop for African art in a fast, easy and secure way, but can also make use of our online payment system which supports various ways for buyers to purchase items. Through this way we hold the price of the item plus shipping costs untill the buyer is satisfied with his purchase. The buyer has 14 days to notify us as soon as the package has arrived. After this is done we will transfer the item price plus shipping costs minus transactions costs and commission to the seller.


Feel free to contact us if you if you would like to start presenting or if you would like to request more information.


The art placed in the website will be shared through our social networks accounts and can also be shared through the share options under a item image.


Deco Art Africa is constantly working on improving the website for collectors and buyers with weekly updates and features. 


All our items will remain on the website, which means that even after an object has been sold its pictures will be put on archive in order to be accessible for research and studying purposes.


We invite you to browse through the collection and to contact us if you are interested in a specific item, or if you are looking to resell your own collection.


We hope you enjoy our web site.



Your team Deco Art Africa