Ethnic Sitting Gold Weight Ashanti Figure #619

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This figure is in a excellent condition and is holding a shield of some sort. Akan goldweights were used as a measuring system by the Akan/Ashanti people of West-Africa. The gold weights were used to weigh gold dust which was used as currency before money and coins were invented. Each goldweight has a known measurement and weight, based on the Islamic ounce.  Locally they are known as mrammou, and the weights are made of brass. Traditionally a small set of gold weights were given to a newly wedded man. The status and respect of a man will also increase if he would possess a complete set of gold weights.

Provenance: Private collection. F.d.G in NL / Tribal Art Treasures


  • 20th century
  • Origin: Ghana, Africa
  • Excellent condition
  • Ethnic group: Ashanti/Asante
  • Materials: Brass, lost wax casting
  • Weight: 210 grams
  • Dimensions: 5 x 4.5 x 10 cm
  • Amount (in stock): 1

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